Raiding the sale rail…

Yesterday my friend and I spent the afternoon shopping at the Trafford Centre. Nearly every store had a sale on and I had to control myself not to spend all my money in one go!

Here are the bits I bought, I didn’t make it to Topshop so I’m sure there will be another post on that soon enough!

floral jacket h and m

h and m jumper



Floral jacket – H & M – £30.00 reduced to £15.00
Black embellished sweatshirt – H & M – £19.99 reduced to £7
Floral quilted sweatshirt – Zara – £29.99 reduced to £19.99
Laser cut PU tee – Zara – £39.99 reduced to £29.99

I absolutely love the Zara PU tee and am already thinking of different ways to wear it. I also love the floral H & M jacket which is a really lightweight poly silk fabric – it can be dressed down with jeans or up with a nice dress. I’m wearing the jacket today so will try and get some pics on later if I can.

Have you raided the sales yet? If so please share your bargains with me!

Rhiannon xx


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