Barking Mad?


I just had to share with you my newest purchase. Now I’ll warn you…this is a marmite item and you’ll either love it or hate it – I love it, my husband hates it!

I got it from a small shop in West didsbury (a small suburb in south manchester for all you non-mancs!) called JUNK – there is also another store in the Northern Quarter. I spotted this shirt about a month ago, and didn’t get it. It played on my mind for ages and when I walked past the shop again on Friday and spotted it in the window I knew I just had to get it!! It’s by a label called One’s Best Boy who I hadn’t heard of before…I’ve done some digging on the web but can’t find much out about them, however JUNK seem to stock quite a few of their items and I found a link to their blog;

If you are out and about in Manchester I definately recommend popping in, the shirt was £35 and more than I would usually spend on a single item but they do stock some bargain items and you can be guaranteed that you won’t be seeing many people seeing the same piece!


edited 2

edited close up

Shirt – £35 One’s best boy @ JUNK
Jeans – £40 MOM @ topshop
Sandals – £17.99 @ NewLook (kids dept!!)
Bag – Old one from H&M, think it was about £25?!
Necklace – £4 Primark

Let me know what you think? Do you love it or am I crazy for wearing it?

Rhiannon xx


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