DIY gel nails.

About 18 months ago a lot of people at work started getting gel/shellac nails. Coming in a variety of colours they looked fab and seemed to last forever. I took myself off to the local beauty salon and got mine done in a bright red colour, which looked amazing and lasted about 2weeks. Hooked, I made myself a top up appointment and next time went for a deep plum colour. It was a different girl doing them this time, and they lasted all of 2 days before chipping off. At £20 a pop I wasn’t too impressed, and decided to see if I could do better myself.

After some searching online I managed to find the whole kit through ebay;

Gel nails UV lamp – £12.49
CCN Soak off/cleanser package – £7.79
Base coat/top coat by Blue Sky – £8.49
Nail orange sticks – £1.49
Nail sanding blocks – £1.69
Blue sky varnish colours – 4 for £16.50

Total = £48.45 (approx 2 1/2 visits to the salon).

Following the instructions couldn’t have been easier (its basically like painting your nails!) and 6 months in and approximately 20 applications later my kit is still going strong. Getting it off is a bit of a pain sometimes – I recommend soaking some cotton wool in the remover then wrapping your nails in tinfoil for 15mins – but the knowledge that you can do them before a week away and they will stay perfect, combined with the value of DIY is worth it I promise.

Here is a pic of my most recent attempt, the stickers we also off ebay for £1.49.

Let me know what you think, have you got any DIY beauty tips you can share?



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