What I’m eating…

Hi there!

As well as being really into my fashion, I love cooking (and eating!) nearly as much.

I’m a pretty greedy person so I need to ensure I make things that are filling but healthy…I found this recipe a couple of years ago online (it may have been on BBC good food?) and want to share it with you as it is delicious and really easy to make…


100gms chorizo

100gms split lentils

1 large pepper

1 large onion

½ large courgette

4 medium mushrooms

1 large chilli

Approx 1 inch diced ginger

A good shake of garlic powder

Small tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce

1 tin chopped tomatoes

1 small tin sweetcorn


Chop all the veg, chilli and ginger and fry in a wok or large pan in a couple of tablespoons of oil. Once they start to soften chop the chorizo up into small bite sizes pieces and add along with the garlic powder. Keep frying and stirring until all the veg is nice and soft and the chorizo has started to release its lovely oils. Tip in the tinned tomatoes and lentils and add about another half tin full of water. Turn the heat down low and simmer for approx. half an hour. You will need to keep checking this every 10mins and if it starts to dry out just add a little more water. After half an hour the lentils should be pretty much done, add in the kidney beans and sweetcorn then cook for another 10mins or so. It should be ready then – just test to see that the lentils are nice and soft, if they are at all crunchy you will need to cook some more. This is the sort of thing that can just cook and cook, so if you want to you can leave it simmering; just make sure you keep an eye on it.

I usually serve with wedges and/or garlic bread and a big dollop of reduced fat sour cream and chive dip…you can also remove the chorizo for it to be suitable for veggies.

This recipe will serve 3-4 people easily and you can just increase the ingredients accordingly if you need to feed more people. Per serving (excluding the naughty bits like wedges and garlic bread – and you don’t have to have these, it is delicious just by itself) its approx. 400 calories, and the above ingredients cost me about £6.00, which works out at £2 per person! Bargain!


Really hope you enjoy, if you have any healthy recipes you’d like share with me please let me know!


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